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There are specific threats that will damage the CCTV Physically as well as functionality. These physical threats include Voltage Fluctuations, Vandalism, Reflection, Bugs / Insects /Spider Web, and functional threat includes stealing or interruption of the stored data. For all such risks, the Mahindra CCTV Cameras comes up with brilliant solutions.


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6 Threats to CCTV cameras are:


  1. Monsoons
  2. Hacking
  3. Voltage Fluctuations
  4. Vandalism
  5. Reflection
  6. Bugs/Insects/Spider Web


  1. Weather conditions: During various weather conditions like rainy season, winter season, and also summer season, it will affect the functionality of CCTV. 


  • Winter: Because of the Rainwater, thunder, and light storms, the CCTV may get affected. 
  • Summer: Due to the high temperature in summer Cables connected to CCTV, internal circuits of CCTV get damaged.
  • Monsoon: During monsoon, the fog may cover the screen. 


All the above conditions fail in capturing clarity footages.  


  1. Hacking: Nowadays, some hackers are hacking CCTV with their software development skills. When a CCTV gets hacked, CCTV regulation will be under hacker’s control. It means a hacker can steal the data, and he can pause the live monitoring, and also he can change the direction of CCTV’s view. 


  1. Voltage Fluctuations: Every CCTV contains a power cable. These power cables supply electricity to CCTV. But, power fluctuates due to certain weather conditions. If CCTV receives a high power supply due to fluctuations, this high power damages the internal circuits of CCTV, which affects the functionality of CCTV.


  1. Vandalism: Vandalism implies destroying the CCTV physically. There might be some miscreants who destruct the CCTV physically while others who interrupt its functionality. These miscreants vandalise the CCTV, which damages both physically and also the functionality of CCTV.   


Physically destroying the CCTV are: 


  • Throwing stones at CCTV. 
  • Burning the CCTV cables.
  • Pouring the colour on CCTV.
  • Spraying the paint on CCTV.


Destroying the CCTV functionality: 


  • Hacking.


  1. Reflection: Most of the CCTVs are mounted at top corners. While mounting CCTVs unfortunately, they were fitted at the surface above the ponds, solar panels, glass windows, and also mirrors. When sunlight or vehicle light falls on these surfaces, the light reflects on the CCTV lens. When light reflected on CCTV lens recorded images will be blurry, white shades such Footages will be not bright.  


  1. Bugs/Insects/Spider Web: Generally, CCTV are fitted at corners and protected with canopies. So in between canopies and CCTV, there will be empty spaces, and these empty spaces become home for individual bugs, insects, and spiders. These bugs/insects come out from their area and roam at CCTV lenses, and spiders develop cobwebs these cobwebs stick on CCTV lenses, which results in capturing low-quality images and blurriness in the footage. 


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Conclusion: It is essential to manage CCTV because many people/ organisations don’t concentrate on CCTV maintenance after installing it. There are specific threats that damage the CCTV either externally or internally. Threats to CCTV cameras are Monsoons, Hacking, Vandalism, Bugs/Insects/Spider Webs.


But you can protect your CCTV just by following small tips. Our team from Mahindra CCTV Security Services have certain technicians who can help you in suggesting great ideas and suitable solutions to you from certain threats to CCTV cameras. We supply branded CCTVs like HIKVISION, CP PLUS, which are compatible with every weather condition. Our team will assist you in choosing the best CCTV model.


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