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In this blog, you will come to know about what is CCTV?, and what are the advantages of installing the CCTV?.

What is CCTV? 

CCTV is an electronic device used to monitor the surrounding area. There are various CCTV models available. Depending on the requirement and functionality area, you can select the model. 

Many organizations and individuals came over the awareness of CCTV and started showing interest in buying them while some others started installing.

CCTV usage has been gradually increasing day by day. CCTV installations doubled in homes, shops, restaurants and hospitals, and hotels. CCTV are mounted mainly in crowded areas like railway stations, airports, tourist places, and heritage monuments.

Are you in search of CCTV Installation Services near me?

Mahindra CCTV Security Systems supplies CCTVs and along with fast installation services in Hyderabad. Our main motto is to satisfy the customer by providing branded CCTV and quality service to all our customers. We sell all types of models. 

Types of Cameras :

Dome CCTV camera: Due to its structure, this CCTV got its name as the dome CCTV. It is tough to find out which direction it is monitoring. By looking at this appearance, thieves get scared off. They think that it is watching all over the directions covering a 360⁰ camera. 

Bullet Cctv camera: Size of bullet cameras are tiny, because of its size it can mount at any location.   

C Mount Cctv camera: C Mount camera can capture even longer distance movements. so mostly C Mount used to mount at the top of the significant buildings or corners of the street  

Wireless CCTV camera: These are used mostly in sacred places as it is easy to install and no need for wiring for installing.

Day/Night CCTV camera: Despite the weather and climatic conditions this Day/Night CCTV cameras work well due to the presence of special chips inside this camera. It captures High definition video footage in low light and night times also.

Ip CCTV camera: IP cameras connected to the internet, so they share the data through the internet. With the help of an Ip CCTV camera, you can watch live footage over the internet.

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) CCTV cameras: This PTZ camera has control over left, right, top, bottom directions, and it has a zoom option. PTZ cameras mounted at higher altitude areas to surveillance the vast area.


Infrared night vision CCTV: These are expensive cameras as these capture the images even at thick black conditions with High Definition clarity. It works well under challenging conditions like smoke, fog, and dust. 

High definition CCTV: As the name suggests, this camera captures clear images and videos. These are used in sensitive areas like banks and jewellery showrooms. Pictures don’t spoil even when you zoom the image.   

Advantages Of Using CCTV:


  • Cctv acts as evidence when theft occurs.
  • Elders, children easily monitored.
  • You can monitor if you have multiple businesses.
  • Employees follow the timetable as CCTV records moment with time.
  • In the future, crime can be prevented. 
  • Unauthorized persons get easily caught. 
  • CCTV reminds you if you forget anything.
  • Workers don’t indulge in fraud. 

 Advantages Of CCTV in various places:


  • Police Stations, Judiciary Buildings, And Traffic Signal.
  • Every footage can be used in the future if they found doing anything wrong. 
  • These footage help in determining criminals. 
  • Accusers who try to escape get caught easily. 
  • Monitor public, traffic, and also public areas. 
  1. Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Sacred Places.
  • Every Teacher in time, out time, recorded. 
  • Staff can be protected. 
  • CCTV Used to identify the unauthorized person, and if found any such conditions, it helps in alerting the students, staff, and police. 
  • Child theft reduces and gets caught if anyone steals.
  • If any disturbance is created by anyone, CCTV acts as evidence. 
  1. Railway Stations And Bus Stations And Fairs.
  •  Every person monitored. 
  • Human trafficking prevented and easily identified if found anyone.  
  • Missing candidates cases, traced quickly.
  • To suspect unauthorized persons.
  1. Commercial Buildings, Malls And Office Spaces.
  • Thieves caught easily. 
  • Workers and employers follow the timetable. 
  • If any fire accidents happen, CCTV used to suspect reason. 
  • After any suspicious activity, this CCTV acts as primary evidence and used for further investigation.
  • Manual security reduced.
  • You can monitor your staff. 
  1. Individual Homes, Farm Houses, And Property.
  • To look out for elders.
  • Look over the small children. 
  • You can monitor even from remote areas. 
  • Live monitoring is possible.
  • To look over their needs. 
  • To identify their health by looking at them physically. 
  • Whoever comes to home will be recorded.

What special about Mahindra CCTVSecurity Systems?


  • All types of CCTV models.
  • Skilled technicians. 
  • Professional executives.
  • Many clients are happy with our services. 
  • We are available all over the city. 
  • 145+ Clients.
  • 6500+ Successful CCTV installations.
  • 24*7 Technical support. 

Conclusion: With the installations of CCTV, the crime rate reduced gradually, and theft cases declined, robbery cases faded away. Because of CCTV surveillance employees, the discipline has increased in hospitals, companies, corporate offices, and railway stations. Theft items and the grabbed amount recovered successfully by identifying accusers. 

Mahindra CCTVSecurity Systems are the leading suppliers of CCTV in Hyderabad. Our approach and service towards customers made us stand top among CCTV installations services in Hyderabad. We have a great team of professional Representatives and experienced technicians who help you to provide the best CCTV installation services.

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