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Thieves keep an eye on individual houses, small children, elderly parents who are alone.

Because it is easy for thieves to grab the expensive things and snatch the valuable ornaments from houses and also damaging your property. Securing your valuable belongings, property, and family is essential.

 All these issues make a person suffer, and you cannot focus on your work and as well as family. Life becomes unsatisfied by frustration, anxiety and sadness increases in you. You cannot control all the things at a time. 

Many people got awareness over the advantages of CCTV and its uses, so everyone started installing CCTV at their homes, workplaces, hospitals, international hotels, schools and also educational institutions.

It’s not just installing CCTV but getting the best CCTV along with maintenance is very very important. Mahindra CCTV Security Systems are the best CCTV suppliers in Hyderabad.

Mahindra CCTV Security Systems provides the best CCTV installation services at affordable prices. We had a lot of models in all price ranges. We provide the best CCTV camera installation in Hyderabad for all our customers. 

What is CCTV?

CCTV is an electronic device which records the images, videos and stores the data. Storage of CCTV varies from one model to another model. Some CCTV’s store the data upto four days and while some other CCTV’s stores the data upto one month. But if you can afford some more amount you can go for cloud storage which means you can save unlimited data and you can retrieve at any time whenever you need.

CCTV are mainly of two types:


  1. Analogue camera: Analog CCTV cameras are wired cameras.
  2. Ip camera: Some of the ip cameras are wired or may be wireless.


Various models of CCTV and mounting tips :

Dome CCTV camera: Dome camera appears like 360⁰ camera, so it is better to install it at the main door. So that everything could be covered, thieves step back from being entering into the house. 

Bullet CCTV camera: Bullet cameras are beneficial when installed at home as they occupy small size. Preferably this should be mounted at the corners of an individual home. 

C mount CCTV camera: C mount captures longer distance scene also.   C mount CCTV cameras are used to cover a longer distance.  C mount CCTV camera is mounted usually in front of the entry gate and entry doors. 

Wireless CCTV camera: This camera transfers the data over networks. So this camera is better to install at the house WHICH IS REMOTELY FAR AWAY FROM YOU.

Day/night CCTV camera: speciality of this camera is that it not only records in the day but also at night time it captures the images and records video mainly in the house surrounding area we have to install the camera. 

Surveillance & IP CCTV camera: Most of Surveillance & IP CCTV camera:

 cameras used in commercial buildings and offices. It records and sends data through various networks. 

Pan tilt & zoom(PTZ) CCTV camera: PTZ cameras mainly used for covering a large area, and PTZ cameras used widely in live shows, television videos and studios.

How is it useful for a family?


  • It gives you confidence that your family members are safe.
  • You can monitor your elder parents easily. 
  • Guiding your children when you feel they are not in a safe zone.
  • While children are playing on the lawn, you can monitor.
  • Footage acts as evidence when theft or burglary happens. 
  • If any intruders enter, you can quickly shift your family members to different directions or can take the help of local police.

Soon after thieves look at CCTV, it creates a scary feeling in them that they may get caught if they steal anything when they look at CCTV. The thieves don’t enter into that particular house, property, which helps you in not losing your belongings as well as your beloved ones.

Why Mahindra CCTV services?


  • Mahindra uses only branded CCTV.
  • We have a high success rate in installing CCTV. 
  • We provide Never ending quality service to our customers.
  • Our approach is Customer service-oriented. 
  • We have several clients who installed CCTV successfully.
  • We provide various models.

  Conclusion : 

Technology helps you in protecting property and securing your children, elderly persons and your expensive things. With the arrival of CCTV, we can monitor children, elder parents, property, and homes. One CCTV can monitor everything,and also  it acts as proof when a theft occurs. And there are many benefits like providing security to your family, and also securing your property, etc., by installing CCTV. 

 For all your worries and suffering, Installing CCTV is an ideal option. To get the best CCTV Camera installations in Hyderabad and even for services. Mahindra CCTV Security Systems is the finest suppliers in Hyderabad, as they provide the long-lasting quality CCTV’s for their customers.

Want to install CCTV camera for securing your family, belongings, house and property, Contact us @ 9963411143.

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