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CCTV Camera Installation Services near me | Mahindra CCTV Services:

Mahindra CCTV services are the best-known service providers in supplying branded CCTVs to customers. We have an excellent review of all our customers regarding our installations and services. Securing your surrounding areas with CCTV and monitoring through your electronic devices gives you great relief. We can provide you with an affordable package based on your requirements. We have different plans to offer our best solutions to all types of customers. 

Why We are the Best CCTV Installation in Hyderabad? 


  • We supply various branded CCTV models. 
  • We give endless quality and support to our clients. 
  • Our technicians are certified professionals in CCTV installations. 
  • Successfully installed 2200+CCTV cameras at various locations. 
  • We are accessible throughout the city.
  • We provide CCTV installation at the best price.
  • We provide free maintenance upto 1 yr.
  • Our services spread over all areas of Hyderabad.
  • We are best in supplying CP PLUS, HIKVISION CCTV Camera Products. 

Top Locations Where We Offers CCTV Installation Services:

 We extended our services all over the city. Our services are endless, and we provide excellent technical support to our clients. 

Our team has a great collaboration with both the executives and technicians to deliver the best branded and quality CCTV’s to all our customers. And our installations are high-speed and smooth.

Top locations we are serving  in the city are :


  • Madhapur. 
  • Hitech City.
  • Kondapur.
  • Gachibowli.
  • Kphb.
  • Miyapur.
  • Ameerpet.
  • Secunderabad
  • Ecil.
  • Rtc X Roads.
  • Koti.
  • Nampally.
  • Uppal.
  • Nagole.
  • LB Nagar.
  • Karmanghat.
  • Chandrayangutta.
  • Shamshabad.
  • Rajendranagar.
  • Tolichowki.
  • Mehdipatnam.
  • Jubilee hills. 
  • Banjara hills.
  • Khairatabad. 

Wired Security System Costs:

Wired security CCTV systems are the first generation CCTV camera models. These types of models transfer the data from CCTV cameras to storage devices over the cable. For additional cameras, extra cable is required. So the cost depends on the no of products and material you need.

The main advantage of wired CCTV is no loss of data during transmission, and these CCTV cameras cannot hijack. As this is the traditional type of CCTV camera model, the cost will be minimal. 

 Wireless Security System Costs:

This wireless CCTV works on a radio band and transfers the data to storage devices through a radio transmitter. These wireless CCTV’s are very easy to install and maintain. Advantages of wireless CCTV are Cloud storage, Remote access, and Motion detectors. 

CCTV transfers the data directly into cloud storage. You can access CCTV surveillance directly from mobile devices, even if you are in a remote area. And another feature in wireless CCTV is the Motion detector. If any motion or movement detected in front of CCTV, then it starts recording and sends the video clips to storage devices. As wireless security contains such additional features, the cost is a little bit high when compared to wired CCTV cameras.

Security Camera Costs by Type:

CCTV security camera cost varies from one model to another model. Many new models with additional features are getting into existence. If you need a regular CCTV camera, you can get it at a very affordable price. If you need more features, then you have to spend more. Security cost depends on the type of camera you choose. The cost of Indoor cameras are less when compared with outdoors. Higher price CCTV cameras give you options like zooming, High definition camera, and also a large amount of data storage.


Type of CCTV

Price for CCTV

IP CCTV camera

Little bit expensive

Dome CCTV camera


Day/night CCTV camera

Little bit expensive

Bullet CCTV camera


C mount CCTV camera


Wireless CCTV camera


Surveillance CCTV camera


Pan, tilt & zoom CCTV camera

Little bit expensive


Other Factors That Affect Cost:

The other factors that affect the cost are camera type and its features.

Generally, a CCTV camera installation cost would be very reasonable, but when you go for additional features, the price will change. The other factors that affect the cost are: 


  • Indoor/outdoor CCTV camera.
  • Zoom. 
  • HD CCTV camera. 
  • Motion detection.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Resolution.

The above factors decide the cost of CCTV cameras. Different CCTV models give you multiple options and features. The price depends on whatever the components ( sensors, chips, batteries, etc. ) they used while manufacturing CCTV cameras.

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Indoor vs Outdoor:

CCTV cameras are two types



  • Indoor.
  • Outdoor.


Indoor CCTV Cameras

If a camera is used inside a room, block, or compartment, then it is called an indoor camera. These cameras used to cover small areas. Less no cameras and cable is required to install indoor CCTV cameras. The cost of indoor CCTV cameras are inexpensive.  

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Outdoors Cameras are mainly used to cover larger areas and open areas. Outdoor cameras contain features like a wide-angle and zoom option. Most of the outdoor cameras come with weatherproof as they should function even in hard conditions like heavy winds, rain, fog, etc., the cost of outdoor CCTV camera is expensive due to its manufacturing properties like durability and quality. 

Security camera resolution:

Surveillance camera CCTV is calculated in TVL, which means Television lines.

Most of them are aware of 480p, 720p, and 1080p pixels only. If you need good quality, then you can go for a high pixel CCTV camera. The cost of CCTV cameras depends on the resolution.

There are two types of resolutions:



  • Low resolution
  • High resolution



  1. Low resolution: cameras that are below 1080pixels come under low-resolution CCTV cameras. In this low-resolution CCTV, camera quality will be normal. When you zoom in, the image/clip pixels will get disturbed, and the image becomes blurry. To overcome this issue, go for a high-resolution CCTV camera.


  1. High resolution: if the resolution is above 1080pixels, then such cameras are called high-resolution CCTV. The lens used in this high resolution is very different from the CCTV, which is used in low-resolution CCTV. In high-resolution CCTV, camera pictures/ clips will be very clear and neat. Even if you zoom, the camera pixels remain the same.  For higher resolution, it takes more space to store the data. And the cost will be expensive for this high-resolution CCTV.


Mahindra CCTV services can arrange any no of cameras based on your requirements. We offer a wide range of CCTV models of all models. We are covering top places in hyderabad.  Our executives help you in choosing the best model for all your needs. As they are well experienced in arranging different packages for all kinds of customers.

For more information regarding CCTV camera installation cost contact us @ 9963411143.

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