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Mahindra CCTV administrations are top providers of Security Systems in Hyderabad. We provide the best solutions to all our customers. We have some expertise in CCTV installation charges. We can offer you the best cost for all scopes of individuals. Mahindra CCTV administrations supply both Biometric security devices and LAN connections. We provide technical assistance and also onsite support to all our customers.

Get a Custom Price:

The custom price depends on the number of cameras and the material required for that number of cameras. For single-camera cost will be high, and for multiple cameras, the cost will be less. Mahindra CCTV services provide branded CCTV at a custom price to all customers. 

How To Save Money:

Certain factors which save your money are:

CCTV resolution: High-resolution CCTV is a little bit more expensive than low-resolution CCTV. To reduce costs, avoid High-resolution CCTV cameras and prefer low-resolution CCTV cameras. Use these low-resolution cameras to fix at places your back yards and lawns.

Wired camera: Components used in wireless are very costly. So the cost of the wireless camera is so expensive. To minimize cost and savings prefer wired cameras, these wired cameras are low cost and carry the exact data to storage devices from CCTV.

DVR: DVR is a short form to Digital Video Recorder. When CCTV connected to DVR, images/video clips are captured by CCTV stores directly to DVR. Utilizing this DVR saves your money. 

Get a Price for your next project: 

To know the best price provide us with some information regarding your project

  • Location.
  • Industry type.
  • A number of cameras you require.
  • Type of cameras you want.

Want to know the price for your next project calls us at 9963411143.

Additional features versus cost:

Cameras which are inexpensive and their features are:

  • Dome CCTV camera: it looks like it is monitoring 360°. It is unable to identify in which direction it is monitoring.
  • Bullet CCTV camera: it captures high-quality images.
  • C mount CCTV camera: used for the indoor purpose and technological changes.
  • Wireless CCTV camera: easy to access, and can you fix it at any location.

Cameras which are expensive and their features are:

  • IP CCTV camera: Image quality will be good in IP CCTV cameras. 
  • Pan, tilt & zoom CCTV camera: you can move left and right or up and down, or even you can zoom too. 
  • Day/night CCTV: these cameras have the capability of recording in both color and as well as black and white.

considerations before purchasing a CCTV system:

The factors which should consider before getting CCTV to home are: 

Storage Area: Before buying a CCTV, check whether the SD card is present or not. Some CCTVs are coming directly with SD card inbuilt, which means directly store the data into SD cards. The benefit of SD cards is that there is no need to have external storage to store the data.

Infrared LEDs: Check CCTV physically and count the LEDs. The function of LEDs is to work even at night times. If the number of the LEDs are more, then the quality of the image/video clip at night will be good.

Image Quality: if you want to get good and high-quality images, then choose the best HD CCTV. HD CCTV gives you better image quality with good resolution. 

Motion Sensor: The benefit of Motion sensor CCTV cameras is that they start the live recording if sensors detect any motion. 

Brand Cctv: CCTV, which are manufactured from branded companies functions well even in odd conditions and such CCTV has a good life, continuously work upto some years without any repair. 

Waterproof: Choose the waterproof CCTV to overcome water, water drops, rainy season. Waterproof CCTV cameras work normally even in the rainy season. 

Tilt: choose the cameras which can tilt. Tilt cameras are used to view top/down and right/left direction. 

Its Range Of Surveillance: The range of surveillance also matters when you buy CCTV. Choose the best CCTV which can monitor large areas with maximum range.

Wired Or Wireless: choose the CCTV, either wired or wireless, based on your requirement and purpose. 

Warranty: Check for a warranty when you buy CCTV. The main advantage of a warranty for CCTV is if they found any damage, they may replace the parts, or they may replace the whole CCTV. 

Other considerations and costs:

When you decide to buy CCTV, you have to consider some factors which play a crucial role in determining the price.

Type of camera: Cost is finalized by what kind of camera you choose. Indoor camera cost is less expensive when compared with the outdoor camera.

The number of cameras: CCTV cost effects on the number of cameras you choose. If you take one camera, then the price remains constant. If your order was bulk, then you get the CCTV at a very minimal price.

Protection for the camera: Having a camera is not essential, but protecting CCTV is essential. Cameras should get protected from small pets, insects, thunderstorms, and also from wind. For this, you have to choose the branded CCTV. Branded CCTV made of quality material. Most of the branded cameras come with weatherproof and waterproof, which gets protected from water, dust, etc., for branded cameras, the cost will be a little bit expensive.

Maintenance: CCTV should be maintained with proper care. After a certain period, you have to look over the CCTV condition. If needed, CCTV should get repaired. If CCTV is not treated correctly, CCTV goes into a faulty state and doesn’t function properly. Changing one camera doesn’t cost you, but changing the entire surveillance system would double the cost CCTV security system. 

Read more of our customer reviews.

Customer 1 :

CCTV installation for Corporate company. 

“We are searching for the best CCTV installations in Hyderabad. We came to know about the Mahindra CCTV services in Hyderabad. We ordered 50 cameras to our organization. Now we have a good security system in our office”.

Customer 2 :

CCTV installation in an International school.

“We are running an international school, and we have 500 small kids to look over them and monitor them. We require a full-fledged security system. We heard that Mahindra CCTV services provide a better security system for all the organizations. Their team came to our school and fixed at prime locations. Now we can monitor every child and also our school premises”.

Customer 3 :

CCTV installation for Commercial buildings. 

“Mahindra CCTV services are excellent service providers. They installed many cameras in our commercial building space, and they are maintained very well”. 

Customer 4 :

CCTV installation for Restaurant. 

“I owned a restaurant at one of the finest places in Hyderabad, and the restaurant has a lot of areas like kitchen, dining, parking, lawn, and reception. With the help of Mahindra CCTV services, right now Our restaurant is fully equipped with a high-end HD CCTV camera. We are profoundly happy with their services. I was able to monitor through my smartphone when I’m out of the station”.


Get the best security system for you from Mahindra CCTV services. Our technicians are skilled and can install any CCTV at your doorstep at any location throughout Hyderabad city. Choose the best CCTV from which you can monitor in day/ light without interruption at all weather conditions. We supply branded CCTVs like HIKVISION, CP PLUS. You can reduce your CCTV cost by taking into account some factors. Our team will assist you in choosing the best CCTV installation charges at an affordable price. 

To get a customized price for your CCTV package, Contact us at 9963411143.

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